secondubly - Not sure if my googling is just insuf...

Not sure if my googling is just insufficient but is there a way to add multiple users as a parameter for a slash command? I know that a User option exists where you can supply a single user to a slash command but if I wanted someone using the command to supply multiple users, how would I do that? I've been googling but can't seem to find anything explaining how that works. (Not sure if this is a sapphire or discord specific question, please let me know if I need to move it)
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Favna2y ago
Discord API doesn't support repeated arguments (yet, they are aware of the feature request) so the best you can do is add (optional) additional parameters
secondubly2y ago
ah, all right then! Thank you for clearing that up for me
Lioness1002y ago
If you're using @sapphire/framework@pr-512 and discord.js@dev, you can also prompt the user with a "user select menu"
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Lioness1002y ago
The example screenshot on the docs show a role select menu, but it's the same idea for the user counterpart