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Created by secondubly on 8/26/2023 in #sapphire-support
"Maximum number of application commands reached" but hitting the API returns an empty array?
I realized I was setting up global commands when developing my bot and have recently switched to using guild commands instead. However, when I run my bot locally I get an error message along these lines: Failed to overwrite global application commands DiscordAPIError[30032]: Maximum number of application commands reached (5). So I went through the process of deleting all the global application commands by hitting /applications/{}/commands and copying down the ids of each command, then hitting /applications/{}/commands/{}. However, I'm still seeing the "Failed to overwrite global application commands" message when starting my bot. I double-checked /applications/{}/commands and it's returning an empty array so I don't have any global application commands according to the API, and I know that I don't have 5 context menu commands (I counted them, it's 3 actually) so I'm not sure what exactly it's complaining about? I've attached guildIds options to each of my commands so I feel like that can't be the issue? I feel like I'm missing something but I'm not sure what it could be.
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