Railway2y ago

Strapi & Railway - Dev env

Hey, I have a question about dev environment and Strapi. I've deployed Strapi normally, it is running okay, but because it is in prod env, I cannot add new Content Types and so on. How do I make it run in dev env? In the variables, I've changed the NODE_ENV to development and I've added npm run develop in the custom build command. It is still building and it is taking suspiciously long, so I think it will fail. Is this the correct way or am I missing something?
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Percy2y ago
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seb12y ago
N/A Ok, it is working now. I have created 2 environemnts in Railway dashboard. "development" and "production". When I set the variables and a special command in the development env, it works fine. I don't really know what to do now though. I have created some content on the dev env and how do I promote it to the readonly prod env?
dwaynemac2y ago
I don’t think there is a “promote” feature for environments. But maybe you can see what’s the difference in variables between both environments And make changes to your development environment to turn in into readonly