Is it Possible to see logs and metrics of all services in one single place?

Hello All, I posted this in quick-qs earlier, but I think it is better suited here. Background: I am setting up a new project which will have an API server, another server to deal with messaging email etc, probably redis and a couple of frontend services (nextjs). Last time I did something similar I built it on kubernetes but I want to do it on railway this time to save me all the cluster management headaches. My question is: Is it possible to see the logs and health/matrix of all the services in the project in a single place ? In kubernetes I did it with prometheus, grafana and loki which would aggregate everything. how do I set this up so that I can look into one single place if I need to see if everything running fine and if I need to debug with the logs ? I see there is a premade template for datadogagent, but I had trouble with datadog previously plus it consumes too much resources to run the datadog agent and it is not super easy to configure. An ideal solution would be something which automatically works with minimal configuration. We have some budget to pay for a service but not a lot at the moment. Any pointers in right direction will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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as per this link - it says logs are available for all past deployments. That will likely solve my problem for now a bit. Is the log retention forever or is there a time limit /size limit to it ?
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