Railway2y ago

Files from a git submodule not found

PID: a45af505-1c73-4eb1-82a2-a15c9c5bd2f8 Hi, I've added a repo from GitHub as a submodule. Locally, it works fine. But when I push the changes, Railway doesn't seem to be able to locate the files (or their directory). When I manually copy the files to a different folder, it works locally and in Railway. What am I missing?
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Percy2y ago
Project ID: a45af505-1c73-4eb1-82a2-a15c9c5bd2f8
m1rza2y ago
When I look inside the JAR, the images are there (if that matters). Is it possible to run git submodule update --recursive --remote in Railway? I have a unit test which checks if a file from the submodule exists, and since the branch builds in Railyway, I assume the test passes. But then durin runtime, the files (its actually images) are not found.
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m1rza16mo ago
Oh damn that's a big sad moment.
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