Not having the same DateTime in Localhost vs Railway app deployed.

I'm sending a request to my backend using dayjs, I send the request in format DD-MM-YYYY, in localhost I'm having this response:

{ startDate: 2023-03-26T03:00:00.000Z }
{ endDate: 2023-03-27T02:59:59.999Z }

Which makes sense to me since I'm GMT -3
Now, when the app is deployed and I send the same request I have the following dateTime:

{ startDate: 2023-03-26T00:00:00.000Z }
{ endDate: 2023-03-26T23:59:59.999Z }

Which I feel is UTC.

The stack I'm using is MERN. To work with date time I'm using dayjs.

This is the code

const startDate = dayjs( as string, 'DD-MM-YYYY')
const endDate = dayjs( as string, 'DD-MM-YYYY')

console.log({ startDate });
console.log({ endDate });

const orders = await Order.find({
date: { $gte: startDate, $lte: endDate },

return res.status(200).json(orders);
yes it is utc, because that's what the system time of the apps container is
if you want to get a specific timezone from your app when running on railway, dayjs has a timezone plugin for that
Oh, so I'd need to use the timezone plugin and use it when running starting the app in railway?
sounds about right
Thanks Brody
no problem!