Prod + Dev (PR) Environments

Hi there, I would like to understand how to achieve the following workflow. Production Env: Only Deploys main branch. Development Env: Only Deploys PR branches. I can see https://docs.railway.app/deploy/config-as-code but those docs are sparse. Help would be much appreciated here. Project ID: 25c13071-6077-466e-bf9b-2e08a6d0c02f
Railway Docs
Config as Code | Railway Docs
Documentation for Railway
Project ID: 25c13071-6077-466e-bf9b-2e08a6d0c02f
It seems that the best approach is to consolidate the back and front end PRs so that functionality can be properly tested, as far as is known. Alternatively, a monorepo could be used.
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From the dash, i cant seem to control the where ephemeral PR environments grab their env vars from?

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