Verify With Security Code

How do i do this? I did it and it didnt work? I am on mumu player i have one on my pc and one on my laptop i am on my laptop and its not letting me log in. So when i log in it asks me for security code by following steps, when i do it it says wrong code.
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sherikenz14mo ago
Try pressing "try other/different ways"
LittleBoyOfHope14mo ago
i did then it just says verify with phone/tablet even though its offline then i click that and it brings me back to same page
HOTSHOT14mo ago
Where is your oneplus? The email was connected to the mob no. Is on that mobile?
LittleBoyOfHope14mo ago
i have no android deviceas devices*
Tᴀʜᴍɪᴅ Iɴᴀɴ
Login to your google account then log out from all devices Then try using your phone number to get a text massage for verification
LittleBoyOfHope14mo ago
i see i will try that that worked!!! thanks Tahimd! D: 😄