How to configure wildcard for PR environments?

I've created a wildcard domain for the project and configured it correctly and it's passing correctly - but PR env is registering under the *.mysub.domain.com and does not create a custom subdomain
Project ID: f568f607-e4d1-4517-ba1a-537dc9a8be86
f568f607-e4d1-4517-ba1a-537dc9a8be86 The wildcard custom domain configuration says "Full steam ahead!"
what happens when you try to access a sub domain?
@Brody I reach the configured app (production in this case)
does the dev env use the same domain as the prod env?
I have a tld named XYZ.com which I configured the "production" env to use the "rw.xyz.com" - which works I want the PR envs to use "some-pr-###.rws.xyz.com" so I added to the production env the wildcard for *.rws.xyz.com @Brody any ideas?
i dont have enough info to draw any conclusions
is it possible to create a PR environment using custom domain? if so where / how should I configure the wildcard? @Brody
#🛂|readme #5
did you find a way to do this?

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