PGSharp features disappeared/dont work

so ive been using pgsharp a while now, but with the last 2 updated it got weird. first the option to keep using the last used pokeball type disappeared - or i cant find it anymore... and than virtual go plus broke. i can still activate and deactivate it, but the settings are not working anymore. i set it to pokestops only but it still catches pokemon. (yes i tryed deactivating and activating again, i tryed restarting the game and i also installed it new, nothing working to fix this.) now what can i do to fix those two problems? is there any option i just dont see atm? or do i somehow have to use an older version? if so pls let me know how, cause this is realy pissing me off. 😦
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zngy14mo ago
ion think its updated to latest rn