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Strapi: Exclude upload dir when deploying from github

I'm new to railway and recently setup a project with Strapi and a Postgres db. All works very well.
My project is small and not much media needed, why i haven't setup cloudinary or similiar for media handling. However when deploying from github, images from media upload dir added through admin dashboard gets deleted.
Any way i can customize the build steps to not copy contents of the upload dir? Or can this be controlled by putting uploads in gitignore?
Project ID: 227db433-7289-4cd7-b7cd-140c58faf075
i don't know if that is your problem, but railway doesn't have persistent storage
*for now πŸ‘€
the media folder will get wiped anytime you do a new deploy as the container file system is ephemeral.
It’s better to use a media storage provider like cloudinary in production.
ADA Dumb5/22/2023
This'll be a problem solved by using a gitignore
ADA Dumb5/22/2023
All Railway does is copy from Github. If your files are in Github, they'll be copied
That could def. be the case - i just assumed it was the deploy process, as i encountered it while deploying. But thanks for claifying the underlying stuff going on πŸ™‚ I think for my case i'll have to use something like cloudinary on the Strapi instance if images are to be uploaded directly from dashboard (not in dev mode locally and pushed). Thanks for aweseom and quick support, guys πŸ™‚