Railwayโ€ข15mo ago

Custom domains and not available or still waiting for CNAME

Hello everyone! I had a very smooth experience with everything that you built at Railway with this one small exception: custom domains. For project id 0676a6f9-b098-4f4c-9fcb-c16f586cdfcc I am trying to add a custom domain that I have used in another now deleted project and I get the error Domain not available For project id 3be437e3-760f-485c-bab5-f816f5e3afc1 I added the CNAME records a day ago, but it is still waiting for that record. Any help would be greatly appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚
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Percyโ€ข15mo ago
Project ID: 0676a6f9-b098-4f4c-9fcb-c16f586cdfcc,3be437e3-760f-485c-bab5-f816f5e3afc1
Brodyโ€ข15mo ago
i have directly asked the team to free up the once associated domains
Rayโ€ข15mo ago
Hey! Can you share the exact domain names please? There are multiple so I don't want to accidentally whack something you need ๐Ÿ˜…