Raspbian NAS constant disk activity after extending LVM with new disk

I just added a second hard drive to my raspbian NAS (pi4 4GB), added it to the LVM storage volume, extended the filesystem (ext4). It's reporting the proper size and seems to be working just fine, but there's non-stop activity (the LED for the new drive is blinking and the drive is making accessing noises). I'm hoping / assuming it's just some background process where the disk is getting... something'd? No idea what exactly... there's nothing special in dmesg (nothing since the ext4 expansion was done) or syslog, iotop reports only known processes that are using the disk and it was doing the same thing before those were running I ran pvcreate /dev/sda (the new disk) to create a physical volume, vgextend storage /dev/sda to add the new disk to the existing VG, then lvresize -l +100%free /dev/storage/storagelv to extend the LV. resize2fs /dev/mapper/storage-storagelv extended the ext4 filesystem, which took maybe 15 minutes and reported done. I see jbd2/dm-0-8 pop up (as well as jbd2/mmcblk0p2-, which is the sd-card iirc) occasionally, maybe once every 10 seconds, but the drive activity light is blinking on and off maybe 4x a second, and the drive is making noise in time with the light Is this something to be worried about, or should I just wait a couple of days and see if it's some kind of background fsck or lvm process that's checking the disk without the activity being visible in iotop?
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Jochem15mo ago
this might be the culprit:
root 7059 2 0 16:34 ? 00:00:40 [ext4lazyinit]
root 7059 2 0 16:34 ? 00:00:40 [ext4lazyinit]
I'll update this thread when I have more info, going to blame ^ for now yup, it was ext4lazyinit. The process is gone from the process list and the disk activity has stopped. Took up to 6 hours from installation for a 16TB drive