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How to create this animation using CSS

I wanted to know how to create this animation using CSS only. Is it possible?

Best way to achieve this layout with Grid

I'm trying to build this layout. I've done so with flexbox using media queries for responsiveness. However, I'm trying to figure out a fluid way of building this with grid. Is there anyway to build this responsively, where items stack on overflow, with grid columns? I've tried but using concrete values isnt getting me anywhere. Any advice is appreciated, thanks
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How can I fix this overflowing issue?

If you look in the image you can see on the right side a little bit of white space that doesn't belong there I'm assuming this is happening because the containers I've created to display future projects are overflowing to the right can anyone help me out? I'll post a CodePen of my website code. Appreciate you all! (Side Note: The text I have in the landing page possibly could be causing it as well)
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How to add more number options, but keep the card count at 5 in Memory Card? It will change to images later, but for now I want to just be able to build this with numbers, which I think is a much easier thing to implement....
SLStan Long2/20/2024

Help with storing user Data

Hi everyone, hope the coding is going well. I'm at the part of my website where I need to store use data. Would that be stored in local storage, or local and session storage?

Bootstrap-Table: Table Sticky Header extension not working

I copied the exact same starter template they have on their documentation, just to make sure I wasn't implementing Bootstrap-Table wrong: After that, I went to their Table Sticky Header documentation: Then I pasted the code on the Usage section within my <head> tag, then on the table I added the attribute like this:...

is it possible to make divs grow according to its grid cell?

I'm trying to make a wordle game and a problem I'm confronting is about responsibility. I want each div to have a 1fr of size, that is, its grid cell width and properties. Can someone guide me on how to do this? Css code in image Codepen:
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SJswimmy jones2/20/2024

Grid with Toggleable Sidebar Issue

Well, copilot can't figure it out so maybe you guys can. I'm trying to create a sidebar that is toggleable, which seems like it should be pretty simple, but I get this weird behavior where the main takes a few seconds to readjust it's width. Here's the css...

oveflow-y scroll using % inside a flex item

Hi there! I have a problem with a layout and not sure if itΒ΄s posible resolve using flex. I added a codepen with comments explaining the problem. Any idea about how to solve this? ...

Should I use a different page to render an entirely new DOM?

I'm making a dictionary app, using the free dictionary api (, and I'm "replacing" some of the default html dom with a new one, generated according with the api. I wonder if the way I did it is fine? or should I indeed render a new page? Github:

How to make this layout ? bascially i want to fix right/left sidebar fix and nav to be sticky and main content to scroll. How can i acheive such layout ?...

how to match both the filter value to lower case

here how can i get the classList to lowerCase ``` function filterResults() {...

grow image to size of sibling

See: Is it possible to make the icon grow to the height of its sibling?...

How to Animate Slider Loop?

How to Animate Slider Loop without touching the swiper buttons?
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Road map

Hi everyone I'm interested in learning from and web development and I'm new in this development community can any one suggest me how to become web developer

How do I store details of users in frontend when they sign in?

I was wondering is it wise to store users details like name pictures and other general information in frontend after fetching the data once from the database when they sign in. And what will be the effective way of doing that?
SLStan Long2/20/2024

Why does click work but hover doesn't?

Here's the code I'm having an issue with one.addEventListener('click', () => { if (one.hasAttribute('checked')) { = 'green' = 'rgba(211, 211, 211, 0.9)'...

What should I do next after CSS?

So,I have completed HTML and CSS by doing projects for better understanding. Now,I want to know what should I do next? Should I do any framework of CSS or JavaScript?...
RGRhandom Guhy2/20/2024

How to code this form

So I recently got back into coding and I don't how to go about coding this form. Can someone help out. I'm using plain html and css. Thanks in advance...
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