System dark mode not detected when using darkMode: "media" in tailwind.config.ts

Hello! I am building a simple starter project using Tailwind and shadcn-ui components. I want the webapp to display dark mode/light mode depending on the system preference. My understanding from this documentation ( is that if I set darkMode: "media" in tailwind.config.ts, then the app will automatically detect the system preference of dark mode/light mode. However, despite this modification there is no effect in the webapp when switching dark/light mode on my OS. Am I missing some functionality here? All I've done is install shadcn-ui components with the CLI and use them to build a simple page layout (with some help from the examples in the documentation). The repo link is: I'll also attach my config and global CSS files below. Thank you!
Dark Mode - Tailwind CSS
Using Tailwind CSS to style your site in dark mode.
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NARnot a robot5/31/2023
I would use next-themes I think your config only works if you add dark to the root of your project
@not a robot sounds good thank you so much! Where should I add dark (what file)?
NARnot a robot5/31/2023
The _app.tsx
Gotcha thanks!

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