Cloud storage solutions for collaborating on local files

I want to collaborate on .md files (via Obsidian. for developer documentaion) and video recordings with my team mates. I've tried pCloud and iCloud (and other solutions) that allow you to sync local folders. And share such a folder with team mates who will then have a synced version locally and changes it's contents. But this is only viable when files that have been changed start syncing near instantly. The solutions I've tried take forever before a file even starts to sync. I was wondering if you have tools in mind that can help me with my use case.
Before you suggest collaboration with git... too much friction. For everything that isn't a code file, I wan't real-time sync. Submitting sth for reviews should be optional, not default.
@j0hannes I have the same issue as you, I am collaborating with a bunch of no-dev people writing on .md files. It's a mess ๐Ÿ˜… Luckily this seems really promising: Still in beta but you can do so much already with it. I am looking to implement it as soon as I have some spare time.
GitHub - Thinkmill/keystatic: First class CMS experience, TypeScrip...
First class CMS experience, TypeScript API, Markdown & YAML/JSON based, no DB - GitHub - Thinkmill/keystatic: First class CMS experience, TypeScript API, Markdown & YAML/JSON based, no DB
Previously I had the .md files displayed via Docusaur. And updated via git. But that created too much friction. I want something that's real-time sync per default. And sumitting file changes for reviews to be optional. And if the latter is not possible (like in my current Obsidian+pCloud solution) a file history will do for reverting if file changes from team-mates aren't satisfactory. Does Keystatic allow for edits without having to push or PR changes?
I had your exact thought when I saw that a PR is required for each post. The UI is pretty straightforward and personally I think I'll keep using it for my community, at the end is just an additional step that people need to learn but no rocket science. They have the option to change the storage into a local version: But doing so now you need to force all contributors to install the application locally and sync it via Google Drive or something else.
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Is it possible with the current release to have the build process run locally without it doing a git push and publishing via Vercel every time? I understand that you can at least pick a different b...
Thanks. Could you share a screenshot of the Keystatic interface? Also, in case you are jschuur, I looked at your profile and found doesithaveafeed. which had some potentially useful code for my backend dev. Since I'm building a content aggregator that, among other things, allows users to get content from websites by entering urls.
Don't have screenshots, but I think you'll find this video helpful: Ilso I am not jschuur, it was just a discussion I read a while ago in their Discussions but he builds cool stuff ๐Ÿ˜…
A Walkthrough of the Keystatic Early Access Onboarding
Thinkmill just released an early, early access to Keystatic, the GIT-based CMS. In this video I walk through the onboarding flow to get setup with a new Keystatic project.
I ended up using takes about 20s or less for changes in .md files to be reflected on my team members system. and file changes trigger uploading

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