Why does `npm create t3-app@latest` use the /pages directory. How can I use the app router?

I want to build an application which uses the latest nextjs app router, however the create t3-app@latest command creates an app which uses the /pages router.
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barryā€¢13mo ago
You'd need to use a beta version Idk if it's even out
centelleā€¢13mo ago
oh alright I hope they release an update cause the app router is stable now
barryā€¢13mo ago
It's not just that, it's also tRPC support and other things
JulieCezarā€¢13mo ago
because TRPC doesn't work with app router Or better said it's not needed since you have the backend and frontend in the asme place T3 is what works and works really well, but with the new App router it's not yet sure what the T3 stack will look like if you want the App router use the vercel's command
barryā€¢13mo ago
Man really answered 10 days later
SpicyJungleā€¢13mo ago
And I came back another 9 days later and got a good answer to my question šŸ˜„