I m trying to run Solara as Embedding in

I'm trying to run Solara as "Embedding in an existing Starlette application" and when I go to /solara I get "too many redirects. Any hints?
How can I prevent "307 Temporary Redirect" while accessing FastAPI ...
The FastAPI REST API is working great when checked in the local browser and with the Advanced REST client Chrome plugin (only while using the XHR enabled). But in no way are the same API accessible...
so do I need to do something with the routing? Because in the solara in starlette example, when I browse to /solara I get a 404 not found Works locally btw - just not on the server...
Handling trailing slashes properly with mounted routes · Issue #869...
Hello there! In the documentation, there is this example about large applications. If we make it a little more complete, we can get something like this: import uvicorn from starlette.applications i...
this happens on fastapi as well 😦 The funny thing is that /solara/readyz works
do you start it differently? maybe different versions of starlette?

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