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An issue regarding to the order of reload vs refresh

I'm trying to figure out the difference between the hot-reloading and a browser refresh via a very simple scenario. I tried to summarize here: I'll be glad if someone shed light on this issue.


I have a Solara application which when run on my machine looks fine, it runs in light mode and as a green primary colour (for context my Mac is in dark mode, IDK if this useful info). it is also worth noting that i do not do anything with the theme anywhere in my Solara application except from the theme.js file below. However, when I run the same Solara application on a different machine the website is in dark mode, dispite to my knolage not being put in dark mode.
Is there a way I can force the theme to be light for my Solara application? theme.js:...


How do i download solara on pc?

Solara DataFrame column padding

Hi all, I am using the Solara DataFrame to show data in a table in my Solara application. However, the columns are so narrow it makes it very difficult to read (see picture below from the example on the solara website). Is there any way of adding more padding to the collumns to make them easier to read? This is the code I have at the moment:...
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Any API or methods for drag and drop

Hello there! I wanted to ask how could I implement a drag and drop interface, say for example from a todo task container and put it to a task done...

loading static JS file

Hi Team I'm doing a POC to integrate dhtmlx gantt chart inside Solara. my project directory structure - project-root/...

Responsive layout

Hi! I am exploring Solara and this example and others don't really response to mobile layout. Is it a general issue, or just unique case?

404 Solara Router

Hi, when you try and go to a Solara page which doesn’t exist you will see a very simple page which has the text "Page not found by Solara router". Is there a way of either replacing this with a different page, eg my own 404 page not found, or redirecting the user from the default Solara "Page not found by Solara router" page to one I define, eg my own 404 page not found?

Help Regarding Multi-page

I currently have 2 separate script in the same folder. When I run the script, I want to be able to change page from one script to the other. I saw the multi-page support on the website but I don't want the button to be a tab. Instead, i created a button inside a sidebar and i want that button to be the button to press to change page. My question is how to make the button change page to the other script when it is pressed?

Avatar edge contains color

I've create avatar with square image as child, but there is still some background color on left and top
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Is there any way to catch exceptions raised during rendering?

When an exception is raised during rendering, Solara displays its traceback as a plain text instead of a page layout. Is it possible to catch such exception and show its traceback in a component on a page? Something like React error boundary would be really helpful here.

Troubleshooting ipydatagrid

Hi team! Does anyone can help in understanding how to troubleshoot ipydatagrid? I'm working in docker containers on a laptop with a 'prod' environment on a singleboard computer. No problem when running on a laptop, but on a singleboard I get javascript errors when adding a minimal ipydatagrid.
my code: dg = DataGrid.element( dataframe=pd.DataFrame(),...

chatbox child doesn't refresh

I use the same component , but in chatbox the component didn't countdown, how can I plus a countdown buttons for each individual message in chatbox?

Run JS script

In my application I use solara as an iframe and sometimes I need to send information to the front. I need send info after clicking the buttons. I have several buttons after some of them work, it is necessary for an alert message or a base64 image to be sent to the front. My sending function looks like this: ```python def sendMessageToFront(msg):...

Any API or method to know when the app is fetching data?

Hey everyone, I was wondering if there is a way to determine when the app is loading or retrieving data? Specifically, when the NProgress is showing on the top of page? I would like to implement skeletons that show up when some of the dropdowns we have on the page change Thanks in advance...


i have this code for the app bar of my Solara app: ```import solara.lab ...
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Theme support for extended colours and named colour in theme reference

Instead of copying-and-pasting the entire question, here's the reference to the discussion I started on GitHub.

Issue. MismatchingStateError with Auth0 in Solara Auth Sample on AWS EC2

Hello, I'm experiencing a persistent MismatchingStateError with the "Solara authentication sample" from your web using my custom Auth0 credentials on an Amazon Linux AWS EC2 instance. I'm using the "Solara authentication sample" on this page:

Reusing ipywidget composite UI in solara

I am trying to reuse some ipywidget UI components with minimal rewrite in a new solara dashboard. I noticed that using a display function, and I am not sure where it is from since there is no explicit import. A prior question uses this in I used it to reuse displaying an ipyleaflet Map, with success, working by inference from another example . I am now trying to apply the same recipe to display a list of ipywidget Datetime pickers and FloatSliders: ```python...

Issue with Event Handling in Solara Integration with Auth0 on Inactivity

Hi everyone, I am currently testing Solara with Auth0 authentication and things have been going smoothly for the most part. However, I've noticed an intermittent issue where, if the application window is left open for an extended period, the event handling seems to stop functioning as if the connection has been severed. I may be wrong in assuming this issue is related to Auth0, but from a user's perspective, it appears as though everything is still operational when it is not. I would prefer the Auth0 session being explicity closed. Perhaps I'm dealing with two different topics here... Anyway, I am wondering if there's a way to "automatically" close the Auth0 connection after a certain period of inactivity, which I would like to define specifically, say 30 minutes, and then prompt the user to re-enter their credentials. Is this possible? Any guidance or suggestions on how to implement this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!...