couple of questions around session

couple of questions around session management: 1. I found Solara manages session via cookie which is good, could we figure out a standard way to expose session_id to application layer ? for me, my first thing on my web app is to set session id via localstorage and wait for the value before rendering anything, I think the Solara managed session is just perfect for my need to identify a session.
@MaartenBreddels will look into this.
ok, there is no (public) api for this, and it's only available in the feat_reconnect branch (the one that reconnects the websocket) you can call solara.server.app.get_current_context().session_id in a component it's unlikely to break, but it's not a stable api, so we cannot guarantee it but.. exposing this session id is absolutely something we plan to do. this can be useful to store things in databases etc

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