Novu12mo ago
Pawan Jain

in-app notification characters limit

What is the character limit for in-app notifications? by @rifkisalim.dev ref:- https://discord.com/channels/895029566685462578/937309213036785744/1141263127938347008
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Pawan Jain
Pawan Jain12mo ago
Hi @rifkisalim.dev Currently, there is no any hard limit I tried with 20 lorem ipsum paragraph generated using this website https://loremipsum.io/generator/?n=20&t=p It is showing correctly. What is your maximum character length?
Novu_Bot12mo ago
@Pawan Jain, you just advanced to level 29!
Pawan Jain
Pawan Jain12mo ago
Rifki Salim
Rifki Salim12mo ago
@Pawan Jain we're expecting roughly less than 200 characters. Seems like this limit is more than enough for us. Thanks for the info!
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