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API Cors Error

I run it with postman successfully, but when I run it with react I get a cors error.
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CDCharles Derrick2/21/2024

Deploying the novu backend on digital ocean.

Does anyone have any resources or how I can deploy novu on digital ocean. I am having issues with pnpm which uses pnpm-lock.yaml file and digital ocean looks for package-lock.json file since it uses node.

Best Way to Handle Notifications for Different Feeds / Contexts

I have a variety of custom notification cards. I want to be able to use them and change them depending on the context of where the notification is shown and the type of notificaiton. I am unsure if I should customise the notificaiton feed or if I should use the headless ?...
LPLarissa Palombo2/19/2024

How Can I view Topics on Novu?

I implemented Topic CRUD but I can't view the new topics created on the platform. Is it possible to view new topics with added subscribers?...
CDCharles Derrick2/19/2024

Triggering event from laravel backend.

I am running my novu locally and the api is running on localhost:3000. I have also set up my laravel backend with the api_key and the api_url as http://localhost:3000 in the config file but when i try triggering an event i get this error. How can I solve this....
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Digest templates with 1 event total

It appears that digests that end up having only one trigger by the time they expire still pass step.digest and to templates. Is there a suggested way to have a template still render a single-event branch in this case? I don’t think I can do an equality check of and 1 inside the handlebars template, can I?
PPprabhu pp2/16/2024

How use dynamic date value as condition value

How can I implement a condition to filter data based on the 'installed_on' field, specifically targeting records that were installed one day prior to the current date? The 'installed_on' field is within the 'data' field. What steps should I take to accomplish this?
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Bulk subscriber using Python Script

Hello Team!! Hello Team! I have successfully added our user to Novu using a Python script. Additionally, I have implemented user channel functionality within the same script. Everything is working fine. However, when I update the user's device token, it creates a new channel.We Have Self-Hosted Account!Novu versions=1.10.0...
JMJoey Mason2/16/2024


I set up a workflow and tried running it from my app and I am getting workflow_not_Found error. Then I tried running it from command line to see if it was a Java library issue and got the same error. Finally I tried running it from the Novu UI and am seeing the workflow_not_found toast error.
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JMJoey Mason2/16/2024

Migrate workflow from dev to production env

I have created some workflows in development environment and now ready to move to prod but it looks like I need to recreate them from scratch? Is that right or is there a way to migrate them? I'm concerned that I might mess something up and I don't want there to be drift between environments

When Bulk Triggering events with a new subscriber, the subscriber is being created multiple times

Hi there! So our current flow has us generating a series of reminders to send at scheduled times. As a result, we might end up 3 events scheduled at 3, 5, 10 days out. We trigger these events in a single call to the bulk trigger endpoint. It seems that when we do this with a new subscriber in the payload, the subscriber is getting created multiple times. Checking this against a locally run version of Novu, I was able to get the timestamps in MongoDb of some example subscribers getting created as a part of a bulk request: `createdAt...
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Updating workflow takes a very long time

Notification channel: Email When you change the template via the internal editor, the workflow takes a very long time to update (Currently > 30 mins). Also when you change editor to custom code. And you enter your own code, it takes a very long time to update the workflow. In the production version of novu everything has changed. Test mailing run the new template, but events run the old one. The test email mailing was 14:06 with new template. But the event emails were sent later (14:30) and they have old template...
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Not getting email notifications on Trigger event

I created a subscriber and workflow. I do not get email notifications after Trigger event. I use API interface in Set my Apikey and send a request. I get response: {"data":{"acknowledged":true,"status":"processed","transactionId":"5551a66b-05e7-4b2c-8d97-1851a911d07a"}}. Activity feed show success and says that message sent: {...
PPprabhu pp2/14/2024

Can i able to trigger event to all subscribers based on their custom key value

I have checked broadcast , it worked well , but it has limitation 100 per request, Any other solution , please let me know ?...
PPprabhu pp2/14/2024

can i able to achieve this using topic?

I have one scenario , In topic i have added 3 subscribers and triggered after some two minute one more subscriber added to same topic, but if i trigger topics it should trigger only newly added subscribers How can i make this?...
PPprabhu pp2/14/2024

I have created topic added subscribers, but if i trigger event, getting error

Error : ========== ERROR (41): Unexpected error has occurred when triggering event worker | serviceName: "@novu/worker"...
NNNiba Nazar2/14/2024

Need to change username/email id along with organisation name

Hi I want to chnage the username/email i used to login to the novu portal along with i need to chnage my old organisation name…aa I need all my old data. Is there any option for that??...
JSJD (SYT )2/13/2024

Response from novu.trigger

Let us say the preferences were saved to send email and not sms. When we call novu.trigger(..) can we know in the response which were sent?

Unknown error when testing Pusher Beams

I have a test workflow that sends a notification via in-app, email, and Pusher Beams. I am able to manually send Pusher push notifications from their debugger, and I receive them in my browser. The device tokens all seem to be set up correct, however when I try to test in the Novu UI I get this screen which has an error icon but no error message....
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Multiple Slack Channels?

Hey 👋 Q - Is it possible to use Novu to send notification to multiple Slack channels? Context: We want to use Novu to send alerts (as Slack messages) to users and have them be able to configure different channels for different alerts. From what I could tell when installing the Slack app, users need to choose one channel and thats the only channel that the app can then send messages to. ...