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Push message title/body parameterized from trigger payload.

I can't seem to find from documentation how to parameterize title and body of PUSH notifications to FCM using trigger's payload (or other override...). Can you tell if and how I can do that and if it is even possible, because without possibility of passing title/body from the trigger'ing service this push integration is not very usefull for our usecase. Thanks for any pointers or help with this issue.

Possible to only use local notifications

I've had my eyes on Novu for a long time, and now we are evaluating it for a client project.

At the moment, we only want to have a notification center in the app to show toasts triggered from within the app. Like, when saving something. But in the future we would like to be able to implement the advanced features that Novu offers.

My question is: It possible to use Novu only in the web app to use the notification center ad trigger local notifications from within the app? Similar to this funct...

Team Notifications

Hey, Im looking to implement team notifications / Workflow

Users (have a userID) can be part of 0, 1 or multiple teams (teams have a team ID)

1) Trigger / send a notification to team ID creates notification for every user in its team about the user who triggered it
2) A users notification feed consists of all notifications from teams they belong to and any personal notifications.
3) A team member reading a team notification wouldn't mark as read for rest of team

E.g. Jhon Donating 50 coins to...

Whats the problem with Email Channel?

we have update Novu self hosted and frontend novu/headless, and now we cant send notify to email...
we have an error
  "error": "empty style element"

FCM proxy

Hi, is it possible to set up novu to use proxy in communication with firebase?

WebSocket - InApp

Hi is there a way to the set the path for the websocket InApp Notification i keeps seeing the host been wrong as it displays wss:// instead of wss://domainname/pathprefix/

How to push notifications with FCM?

At channel Push, i use FCM but it don't work. the error is "Subscriber does not have a configured channel". What should i do

Deployment via Kubernetes on AWS EKS


I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to Kubernetes. Here's what I did:

1. Created cluster on EKS
2. Downloaded the kubeconfig
3. Switched to the context that points towards my cluster I just created on EKS
4. git clone <novu-repo>
5. cd docker/kubernetes/helm
6. Tried to install the Chart.yaml file:

helm install novu-test .

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: An error occurred while checking for chart dependencies. You may need to run helm dependency build to fetch missing...

integrating slack chat throws subscriber does not have a configured channel

I am trying to integrate Slack chat notification to my workflow
But i keep getting
Subscriber does not have a configured channel
In Get Subscriber i can see the channel array is empty, even though i get email notifications for this subscriber
I tried adding chat to the subscriber channel list by the API
but not working..
workflow trigger still says channel not configured for subscriber

Can I build my email template in Sendgrid and trigger it via Novu?

Also how can I pass on variables to be used in the email template within Sendgrid?

Notification Center Isn't working properly

Hi, i have some issues while using notification-center

first one is only 10 notification fetched and the value of
is always false so i cant fetch the next notifications but the unread count says it has more than 100+ notifications
second one is when i trigger the function of
it only read & seen the fetched notification

Notification center version: 0.19

When the timezone awareness would be released

I heard that the timezone awareness is coming soon, so could you tell me the approximate release date? or please let me know the approximate period. Thx 😄

TriggerTopicAsync slows down

Hi novu-Community,

first of all congrats to the relaunch of the documentation - looks awesome!

We have self-hosted novu in our Kubernetes-Cluster on Azure. During setup we recognize that the helm chart, that you have in your Git is not published, so we copied it over (would be helpful for new customers, that the helm chart is published somewhere)

After deploying it to our cluster we did some testing and measured time of the _novuClient.Event.TriggerTopicAsync call and saw that the time incr...

Implementing unsubscribe links with SendGrid as email provider

It appears from the code in sendgrid.provider.ts that there isn't an option to send the ASM group id which would enable SendGrid managed unsubscribe links. Is there a way to implement unsubscribe links via SendGrid? If not, what is the approach with Novu? We would have to build a bespoke subscriber preferences page?

what's react-app-rewired used for in Web ? another Q about Module Federation!

I'm just a new member to novu community and trying to figure out how the stuff work, very interested in web module and trying to know how it works, so what's usage of react-app-rewired ? also is it possible to use webpack module federation to try to export some components like workflow to be used in a separate react side project?

How to connect Slack Bot (not Webhook)?

Hi there, I've read the documentation on how I can overload the Slack integration to Novu but my organization has a different use case, where we want to integrate Slack Bot, which uses bot token (not incoming webhook URL) to send the messages. We want to go for Slack Bot instead of Slack Webhook because we have the following use cases:

- Let our customers configure the channels where they want to receive the notification (allow them to reconfigure channels in future as well).
- Send DM to a use...


Hi, does novu has a plan on implementing cohorts/segments? Or an integration with some 3rd party tool like mixpanel?
ABSAhmad Bin Shafiq9/15/2023

Pop-Up notifications in novu

Is there any option in NOVU to show a pop-up notification, whenever a new notification arrives? Also, if I want to enable desktop notification (show notification on my desktop even if im not currently on my app web-page), so that user can be notified in-case of urgent events.