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CORS when deployed on VPS

I deployed novu (docker file from docker/community folder) on VPS to use it with my next.js app. And I faced the problem of CORS. Do I need make some changes in docker file to solve CORS? Do I need make some changes on VPS? Or I need find solution on the side of my app?

Increase limitation or this month

We are trying to test novu and we get spammed by a bot that break our novu limit Anyone can reset the limit like that we can continue our free testing?

TTL and Digest

Hi, I enabled TTL on my Novu Database but I have a question regarding the digest. If I set an event digest to happen on a 2 month timer ( TTL for most collections is 1 month) will novu compensate when creating the message?...


Hi Team, I'm experiencing slowness in Novu, with DB utilization nearing 100%. We are using 8GB of CPU for the database and 4GB for the application server, with 2 workers. The application server load is minimal, only 10-30% at most. Our daily notification count is 14 thousand, distributed throughout the day. ...
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depoly novu using docker compose and nginx

I'm trying to deploy novu (production) using docker compose and nginx, I got:' was loaded over HTTPS, but requested an insecure XMLHttpRequest endpoint 'http://novu-api:3000/v1/auth/register'. This request has been blocked; the content must be served over HTTPS.
check out the attached config files...

Echo Workflow Variants

Hi all I would like to try out Echo and was looking for a way how to specify variants in the docs, but didn’t find anything. Is this supported?...

Does novu support sending messages to slack in markdown

I want to send the message in table form in a slack channel via novu. How can this be achieved?

Cannot open 'Layouts' tab

When I click on Layouts on the novu dashboard, my page just blinks and go back to Workflows. I tried chrome, safari and firefox. Incognito. Cleared cache. Nothing works....

Does the notification widget for React support WS service on a path?

I'm deploying the self-hosted version to my infrastructure and have put API and WS services on a path in the same domain eg: ``` <NovuProvider backendUrl={""}...

Novu Headless - notifications not showing for custom subscriber IDs

I have an app that accepts user's first name, last name, and first name. Then, it generates an ID similar 7sa7ejga which is also used to create the user's Subscriber ID immediately after signing in. Now, I'm trying to fetch the user's notifications via Novu Headless but it's empty but it's showing on my Novu Activity Dashboard. Here is the code snippet for fetching the notifications:...
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Not able to see the WEB UI on 4200

I have been trying to setup the novu on my local machine after too many tries. i was able to run api and worker on my local. but web is not working. I have run all the services using the npm / pnpm run start:service_name I'm using windows 11....

How can I integrate in-app notifications in React Native?

The Novu documentation contains integration guides for 'React' and other web apps. I need to integrate it into my React Native application. I have seen that it can be done using WebSocket events, but there is no proper documentation for this. Can you help me with this?

Getting error "POST 404 (Not Found)


Firebase is forcing users to migrate from FCM to HTTP v1 (Does Novu supports HTTP v1)??

Hi everyone I've got an email from firebase (check the attached email on the bottom) And I was wondering if Novu have ever migrated it's SDK from FCM to HTTP v1??? and if yes on which version? this is the email: We’re writing to remind you that starting June 20, 2024 the legacy Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) APIs will be discontinued. This change will cause the legacy APIs to return an increased number of error responses....

Cannot get global preference for a subscriber (status: 400)

If I try to use the endpoint{subscriberId}/preferences/global (so with the level set to global), I get back 400 and the following message: ``` { "message": [ "level must be one of the following values: global, template"...

Avatar not showing in notification center when triggering in-app messages

Hi everyone, The subscriber's avatar is not showing in the notification center, even after creating a subscriber with the user's image and also passing it when triggering the notification....

Triggering a workflow using topics does not do anything

Hi everyone, We've self-hosted Novu and were able get it in a working state. We're able to send notifications. However, when we tried to create topics and send notifications to those topic(s), we get back a sucess response: ```json { "data": {...