Can only view 100 lines of logs

I can only see the last 100 lines fo the logs in log viewer

I have opted in to "priority boarding" - though not sure if I should be posting here or in the PB channel?

Sesrching will show past log lines, but again limited to 100 lines.

project ID: 72dfeb22-1c02-46f5-acd6-fa904995cd5d (but the same issue in multiple projects)
i have already told the team about this
they didnt answer me, but i did tell them lol
I opted in and out the PB and now I can only see the last 100 logs as well
Same here I can only see 100 logs
I did not opt in to PB, but am experiencing the same issue.

Another one of my deployments isn't deploying any logs anymore (not even previous ones). I haven't changed its deployment in almost a year.
the frontend is hardcoded to ask the api for the last 100 lines, this is prob just a simple overlook, it used to ask for the last 500, and then display a load more button
thanks for the quick update - working again for me now 🙂

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