Memory not released even after postgres table dropped

Hello. Project ID: 6dee0732-68aa-4ae0-a472-7d02880e238a I created a table on 19th August and then dropped it. I don't quite remember the name of dropped table but it was clone of api_article table at that point of time. I could see a corresponding increase in memory usage (as expected). But even after two days, I see that the memory has not been released (not expected) - screenshot attached Please suggest. Maybe I am missing something obvious.
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Percy12mo ago
Project ID: 6dee0732-68aa-4ae0-a472-7d02880e238a
Brody12mo ago
you can go ahead and restart the database in its settings
Ranjan12mo ago
@Brody @Brody Thank you for your suggestion. I am not a DB guy, so just wanted to check - shall I take a full DB backup locally before attempting to restart, or is it a safe operation?
Brody12mo ago
chill with the pings #🛂|readme #5 a restart would not cause data loss