webhook outdated docs and issues


First of,
this documentation seems outdated.

I'm trying to use a webhook on my telegram bot app with wallet pay.

The wrapper I'm using is this:
It by default listens on port 9123

When this didn't work I also saw this:

So I created PORT variable with 9123 value.


This is my expected webhook path

But no idea if when I select PORT 9123 in railway enviromental variables what I'm really doing is redirecting it to another port, this is not what I want.

Please help, I'm also talking with wallet pay support, but if you can at least clarify my confusion with webhooks and PORT
your app sits behind a proxy, that is the ip of railways proxy, you'll need to trust the proxy's X-Forwarded-For header
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I see the issue.

You are redirecting the IP.

INFO:root:Incoming webhook from

INFO:root:IP not allowed

INFO:root:Incoming webhook from

INFO:root:IP not allowed

I need to white list the original IP so I need to know where it's originating from.
You see, I need to whitelist these:
your app sits behind a proxy, that is the ip of railways proxy, you'll need to trust the proxy's X-Forwarded-For header
Alright, I got it
thank you

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