Ruby on Rails Deployment with database and redis

i had a few questions about linking my database and redis server within railway app ... I tried but was not able to resolve that can anybody help, i am deploying using Procfile ?
please show us what you've tried and what errors you are receiving
I deployed my project biddingapp.up.railway.app on railway , do i need to connect mysql or postgresql or redis etc services with my project..... ?
I tried to use broadcasts in my app but it requires redis which was added in my project but not linked to it....
I did see railway docs but there is not much explaination about it
it's just a redis database nothing special going on, setup all the variable references for redis as shown here
then use the resulting environment variables in code to connect to the database with whatever redis client library you would like, you'd find the docs for that side of things with whatever client library you choose
Ok that was helpful ☺️ let me try

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