Hello everyone, i'm trying to make a python websocket using websockets library also flask

so basically i have this ->

async def main():
    url = os.environ.get('RAILWAY_URL', 'localhost')
    port = os.environ.get('RAILWAY_PORT')
    print(f"WebSocket server is running at: wss://{url}:{port}")
    asyncio.ensure_future(websockets.serve(handle_connection, "", 4505))

    app.run(host='', port=int(os.environ.get('PORT', 5000)))


functions functions etc....

when i go to my website hhr-bot-api.xyz i get the empty flask page but the thing is how do i connect to the websocket server? the railway terminal doesn't show anything out of common i used everything.
wss://hhr-bot-api.xyz:4505 / ....... nothing looks to work.
you can't expose multiple ports, you need to have the websocket and http server listening on a single port
okay i'll try this one. Thanks
doesn't work either
what doesn't work
connecting to the websocket
the flask app works perfectly
then that would be a code issue
btw site -> https://hhr-bot-api.xyz/
i get no errors or anything else
that's an issue too
look by yourself ....
unfortunately I'm not a python developer, so I'm not much help here, but I know for an absolute fact that this can be done
ty anyway then.
some things that might help,
you may consider using quart instead of flask: https://flask.palletsprojects.com/en/2.3.x/async-await/#when-to-use-quart-instead

i connect to my websocket like this (no port)
let host = window.location.hostname;
let socket = new WebSocket(`wss://${host}/ws/con`);

and it seems to be working, but im still in testing phases. a fetch interrupts this connection & that may be a problem with my code. in quart you can define a websocket route like this

async def websock():
thanks, works now.

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