Npgsql.npgsqlException (0x80004005) Failed to connect to

Hi! im trying to connect to an ASP.Net core 6 to railway.app for the first time and i receive the indicated error message. can somebody help me? Npgsql.npgsqlException (0x80004005) Failed to connect to
is your database hosted on Vercel?
i dont know
im using postgreSQL
that errors mean you're trying to connect to an IP from Vercel on the 5432 port, you probably don't want that
did you created a postgres database in railway?
is empty
did you set the enviroment variables correctly?
no, i didnt set anything
i followed a youtube tutorial and they dont explained there
i supossed was not necessary
ok so after you create a database on railway, you can reference the environment variables from there
and in your code you use that enviroment variables to start the connection.
ok, i will try
Hi! I don't understand how to do it. Is there some video to help with this?
the variables referenced above are available in your database. share those variables to your other services and reference them to connect
So, for example PGPORT = 3000 and fill out all the variables?
No, by reference we mean that the Postgres database fill out those for you automatically.
So, if you choose PGPASSWORD from the dropdown above
When your service is deployed, an environment variable called PGPASSWORD (process.env.PGPASSWORD) can be used inside your service which will have your Postgres password.
And the value of it will not be the literal string ${{Postgres.PGPASSWORD}} it's just a reference, just like javascript's template literal.
See this for more docs https://docs.railway.app/develop/variables#reference-variables
so, should i add which variables? DATABASE_URL and something more?
by the look of asp.net core 6, you should use a DATABASE_URL and pass that to the LibraryContext class
is this way correct?
i'm not a C# expert but it looks correct
So, i dont understand what can be the problem
i think it could be very usefull some explainatory videos for the new to programming
Hi! my app doesnt work i dont know what happen
Describe 'Doesn't work', your app is loading fine for me.
looks good to me as well 👍
me three

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