Postgres, Aspnet Core API and Angular Webgui

Hi guys.
I'm new here and getting to know railway! I find it fantastic for us. I am lost. I would like to know where I can get guided into deploying an app with the following:

- postgres DB
- aspnet core project/folder hosting REST API connecting to postgres
- pgadmin4 for debugging purposes connecting to postgres
- angular project/folder hosting the webgui connecting to the aspnet core project/folder

Your help and guidance is much appreciated.
Hi. I am sorry. I wasn't expecting an answer. And I went into a meeting.
Project Id: n/a
hello! I would only know how to help you deploy the angular website, would you like help with that side of your project?
I can generate the to projects
And have them in 2 separate GitHub repositories
Would that help?
I am using this: https://aspnetzero.com/Features option number 1
ASP.NET Core and Angular based Single-Page Application (SPA) solution for your web application.
share the repo for angular
Ok. Will do. I am stuck in a meeting the rest of the afternoon. Will send it tonight
GitHub ok?
Do I set it up public or private?
public, how else would i see it lol
You can send me your GitHub user and can share it
also, if it has anything to do with asp.net i wont be able to help with that, but if its just a regular spa angular app i can
The angular project depends on the aspnet core api
how do you run the angular app locally
I start the aspnet core project. And the angular project points to the API port
So it's like linking/joining both projects
sounds like someone i might not be able to help with
but ill look anyway
Thanks. Let me set up the project with aspnetboilerplate
It is the open source version of aspnetzero
I have setup the 2 projects:
- https://github.com/sel-carlitos/railway-demo-aspnetcore
- https://github.com/sel-carlitos/railway-demo-angular
the angular app is just a regular angular app, I can help with that, but I won't be able to help with the .net app
But can you help in loading the projects? Maybe linking them? The aspnetcore should be the only project connected to postgres
Sorry. Been in meeting all day long
I'm sorry but I can not help with anything .net, as I simply do not know anything about .net
your angular app will be a separate Railway service from the .net api so I can help with that
here is a pr to the angular app, this gets it running on railway
it still makes api requets to http://localhost:4200 so when you have your .net api running in a diffent service you will have to change that api url
Thanks for all your help. I am understanding more about railway. I find it fascinating
have you tried to deploy your .net api though?
railway does have native support for .net apps after all, so there's a chance railway would just be able to deploy it
haven't tried. studying your commit.
and understanding it.
both the caddyfile and nixpacks.toml files are fully committed
I just needed to add a build script to your package.json so that railway knows that your app needs to be built, then caddy is setup to serve the built app, caddy should only use around 20mb of memory, making your deployment of your angular app extremely cheap
yes. that's what amazes me
if you have any other questions about the pr feel free to ask
so reading the docs and learning more about using railway.app in my stack
sure thing.
https://learn.coderfoundry.com/course-catalog > They have a this course that might be useful for learning: Railway - Publish a .NET Application (FREE)
oh thanks but i have no intrest in learning .net

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