Hi team, we've been hunting down a bug with our app today, occurring on many PR Environments and it's come down to RAILWAY_STATIC_URL no longer existing and being replaced by RAILWAY_PUBLIC_DOMAIN.

Where are the docs on this?! I can't find anything. Surely instead of removing it you should deprecate it? Unless it's a bug of course, or a memo i've missed. This has broken our project for most of the day.

I've got a Google Cache version of your Variables section of your website (screenshot) and can see RAILWAY_STATIC_URL there but now it's been replaced by RAILWAY_PUBLIC_DOMAIN (2nd screenshot)
Hi Brody, thanks for responding. It was blank yesterday - despite no config changes - and the change to RAILWAY_PUBLIC_DOMAIN resolved the issue. It might work now but I don't have time to juggle the ENV vars again. Cheers
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And now NIXPACKS_NO_CACHE=1 doesn't seem to be working on the same project so I can't bust the cache
I got the email release today, so the issue above seems that RAILWAY_STATIC_URL doesn't work (it may now if it's been fixed?), it's just been straight swapped with RAILWAY_PUBLIC_DOMAIN instead of phased out
RAILWAY_STATIC_URL still exists https://utilities.up.railway.app/env-vars?prefix=RAILWAY_
that service was redeployed a few seconds ago
oh and I'm not sure why but apologies, this thread has seemed to have flown under the radar until your message just now
Hi Brody, thanks for responding. It was blank yesterday - despite no config changes - and the change to RAILWAY_PUBLIC_DOMAIN resolved the issue. It might work now but I don't have time to juggle the ENV vars again. Cheers
glad you've got it working!
Just confirming something please. I've got everything working but I've found something unusual.

In the screenshot, ASSET_HOST and EMAIL_HOST point to their respective Shared Variables. The Shared Variables both point to {{RAILWAY_PUBLIC_DOMAIN}}. This setup doesn't work – both ASSET_HOST and EMAIL_HOST return nothing.

To get it working, which i've done in the last hour, I had to not use Shared Variables. I had to set ASSET_HOST and EMAIL_HOST to {{RAILWAY_PUBLIC_DOMAIN}} directly and not through Shared Variables.

We've always set these two variables (and many more) using Shared Variables and it's always worked, has this changed? Is this a bug?
yeah thats just not how it works
you want to reference the service's RAILWAY_PUBLIC_DOMAIN directly
any reason why you are trying to go through the shared variables?
this would be how it's intended to be used
and don't worry, that service name will auto update if you change the service name in its own settings
Thanks Brody, I appreciate the response and understand where I was going wrong with that
no problem!

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