DNS settings not being accepted by domain host.

I'm finalizing a deployment of a React.js frontend only site, I got the green confirmation of the site deployment. However, when attempting to add a custom domain, I copy the DNS record into GoDaddy's DNS management portal for the domain and get an error of *Record data is invalid. But I am applying what has been given to me from railway. Any Idea where I could be going wrong?
Project ID: f5849cc1-7df8-4e85-9dff-f40e4c3c4640
godaddy does not support root level cnames, you would need to use cloudflares nameservers, and they have a guide for that here
hey just wanting to check back, where you able to get this all working?
Hey Brody, thanks for checking in, I was able to get a new domain through cloudflare and configure it to work with railway. I had a secondary issue in my deployment due to my webpack.config.js & package.json files, had to reconfigure the dependancies and restructure some of the files with some help

I got it up and running and also just did the nameservers to use the domain I have from godaddy also.

My site is deployed with the railway domain, im just waiting for the custom domain to take hold now.
how long has it been since you setup your custom domain?
officially, it was deployed at around 11 pm PST, with a custom domain, and a secondary custom domain with an updated nameserver through cloudflare.
for reference: standard railway domain: myportfoliowebsite-production.up.railway.app

both custom domains abe-flores.com & abe-flores.net, they haven't been compiled yet. I was told by a colleague that it may take a day or so, so i'm going to wait before attempting to debug what is happening with the domain

EDIT: Issue fixed!
@atomicpunk when I used Cloudflare, I had to set the encryption mode to Full to make it work correctly:
generally speaking, pointing cloudflare domain to Railway is pretty quick (under 10 mins for me).
interesting, I'll give this a look right away and see if there are any changes
that was the issue! domains are live now. Thanks @sambhav
haha beat me to it, thank you sambhav!

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