Very slow connection

Hey, I've built an app that uses Remix, Prisma and Postgres and is hosted in vercel and railway.

Locally, everything is fast, but when I have my app in production, it is really slow which majorly impacts the user experience.

I just wanted to check if there is anything I can do to speed it up or if it is slow for any reason?

It's my first time building an app using this stack and I don't know if I've maybe done something wrong or if it is location based?
so just the database part of your app is hosted on Railway?
Yeah, it’s remix and prisma on vercel and Postgres on railway.

Feel like this might be a dumb question, but could I put it all on railway?
not a dumb question at all, you definably could put it all on railway, but keep in mind railway is not geared towards frontend hosting like vercel is, thus railway will run your code as is, and you could run into issues with that if for example you rely on platform features from vercel
Yeah I’ll need to check, I’m not doing anything special just a basic remix app with crud for prisma.

However, if that doesn’t work, the app is still far to slow so I’ll still need to work that out.
sounds good!

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