Estimated usage very similar to current cost?

Is the estimate usage working properly, or does it take a while to provide accurate estimates?

I am evaluating Railway and the costs of running specific stacks (projects). I have three projects that are sitting idle, and I am trying to understand the monthly cost of each stack in an idle state.

All three projects have similar current cost and estimated, but they are not exactly the same. Each one has been running since the 25th (~3 days).
Here is a screenshot.
Project ID: aae16546-2764-4451-918f-3371e80d445c
Estimated costs are until EOM. It’s the 29th today
You’ll get an accurate monthly cost estimate on the 1st
@brianjm You should have an accurate estimate now
Hey @a_dumb__ I shut those down, upgraded, and started new projects. The new projects have accurate estimates. I can't remember if I did that before the 1st.

Anyways, things look ok now. Adding a tooltip to the UI would be helpful. 👍

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