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Hey, I made this post over in #⚡|templates but I think it got deleted for some reason? so going to assume it was because it was a help request of some sort.

I put together a template for Plausible Analytics on Railway in the template bounty program. I submitted it via the issue for the bounty around 3 weeks ago and haven't heard anything back.

I know that the review process takes time, so no worries. I just wanted to make sure that I haven't missed a step somewhere. I've read the template repo README, and it seems like you're just supposed to share your template in the issue when you're done which I have. Is there something else I'm missing?

Thanks in advance.

- The issue for a Plausible template on Railway https://github.com/railwayapp/templates/issues/433
- The template I've created for Plausible on Railway https://railway.app/template/mzYEXO?referralCode=IFlm92
- The template repo I've created for Plausible on Railway https://github.com/MykalMachon/railway-plausible
You’re good. They are backlogged on reviewing. And if you made any edits to the links of your original post, it would have been deleted for that.
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also, I know I missed a meeting in here about the bounty program, I was working my day job at the time so my apologies if this was covered there.
You’re good. They are backlogged on reviewing. And if you made any edits to the links of your original post, it would have been deleted for that.
At this point, it is kind of a waiting game, unless they commented on your issue with anything
Okay good to hear! I did edit the links (just added some links to the issue and my template for reference) so that's definitely why it got deleted then.
Yeah no comment from them on the issue yet! good to know I'm not missing a step.
Will keep waiting until I hear more. Thanks for your help 🙂

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