Cannot terminate old instance

I have an old instance running alongside the latest one, and I cannot find a way to terminate it through the dashboard or CLI (doesn't event show up in the "Deployments" tab). Both are consuming events from AWS SQS, and that's a problem as you can imagine.

ID of the problematic deployment: fca59f7f-31cf-4337-8be9-77de9862aabb.

Also, are there any best practices when it comes to handling queues? I can only have one consumer active at a time, otherwise will need some sort of leader election mechanism. I really want to avoid something like this going forward because it could have major consequences.

P.S. Took me countless hours to track down the issue, and was only able to figure it out thanks to the new log explorer. Thank you for that!
this is what railway calls a phantom deployment, I will flag the team for you
and kudos for opening the thread with the phantom deployment id! the only person who's ever done that before was me afaik lol
Thread has been flagged to Railway team by @Brody.
Thank you so much @Brody for such a quick response. Is there a way we (devs) can do this on our end? Some CLI command I'm missing perhaps?
And is this common enough to look at alternatives methods of handling queues?
there's unfortunately not, I've even tried calling the api with the removeDeployment mutation with my phantom deployment id and no such luck
and this was nothing you did wrong or has anything to do with your code, it's a railway bug
it's not a very common bug either
Thanks for clarifying, Brody. Been stressing over this for a LONG time, and good to know it's not a common issue. But will still look for a simple solution to handle something like this going forward. Perhaps a very basic way to do leader election.
@Ray - phantom deployment
What's your project ID?
if you're asking about me, that was solved in November of 2021 lol
ah that's a deployment ID
killed the phantom, we should be good now
sorry bout that!
oh yeah they're all uuid's
@Ray has marked this thread as resolved.

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