Angular SSR

I'm planning to deploy an angular app with server side rendering. Does Railway support it?
At the moment the rendering is in the browser. I have build and start scripts in my package json that looks like this
"build": "ng build --configuration $NODE_ENV",
"start": "serve dist/app-name -s -n -L -p $PORT",
but with server side rendering it's a bit different
"serve:ssr": "node dist/app-name/server/main.js",
According to Angular docs: Starts the server script for serving the application locally with server-side rendering. It uses the build artifacts created by npm run build:ssr, so make sure you have run that command as well. serve:ssr is not intended to be used to serve your application in production, but only for testing the server-side rendered application locally.
"build:ssr": "ng build && ng run app-name:server",
According to Angular docs: Builds both the server script and the application in production mode. Use this command when you want to build the project for deployment.
i have different environments on Railway and I want to build for them, so I can modify "build:ssr": "ng build && ng run app-name:server" to "build:ssr": "ng build --configuration $NODE_ENV && ng run app-name:server". And perhaps I can substitute
"build": "ng build --configuration $NODE_ENV" with "build": "ng build --configuration $NODE_ENV && ng run app-name:server".
But I'm a little bit doubtful about how I should modify the start script. Could this work:
"start": "node dist/app-name/server/main.js -s -n -L -p $PORT" ?
Update: I have tested the above setup and successfully deployed to my test environment
the -s -n -L -p flags are specific to the serve package and are not universal
Can I omit them then?
well yes they don't pertain to angulars built server
but angulars built server will still need to listen on and $PORT
It actually does and defaults to 4000
const port = process.env['PORT'] || 4000;
thanks again
no problem

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