Deploying without having to do npx playwright install-deps

I'm deploying a node.js application that is using playwright, and it needs some dependencies in the container to run playwright well

However, I don't know how to use an image, or a setup that already has those dependencies

For now, I have this in my package.json scripts :
"start": "npx playwright install-deps && vite preview --host --port $PORT"

However, it implies that the command is executed at every deployment, and it may just consume CPU power and slow down deployment, so I'm searching for a more elegant and efficient way of deploying with those playwright dependencies

It would be awesome if I could get some help to solve that issue !
honestly, the far bigger issue is that you are running a preview server on railway
but lets fix both
what kind of vite app is this?
Hello, it is a SvelteKit app, I know it's not recommended to run a preview app, but it doesn't affect performance
I could do something like
"start": "node ./build/index.js" or something like that, even if I don't exactly get in which folder my project is built
oh yes it does, it also effects costs
but I think I should do that when the first issue is fixed

my app is also taking 900 MB of RAM just on deploy, without touching anything
maybe it's because I ran in preview
so you may be right on this
i am right
but okay install playwright in the build phase instead of at start
how should I do that ? do i need to make a docker image ?
add this as a nixpacks.toml file to your project
dependsOn = ['install']
cmds = ['npx playwright install-deps']
okay, i have no nixpacks.toml file for now in my project

can I just write only that in it ?
and then you can remove the playwright from the start command
Or should I init a nixpacks.toml with a specific command ?
just make that file with that contents, nothing special
okay thank you it's done
and i removed the command from my start script
okay, let me know how that goes
Okay, i'll let you know if it works well and try to solve the preview running on my own, if it works i'll mark it as solved

thank you
the solution to that would require merging two nixpacks.toml files together


║ Host system is missing dependencies to run browsers. ║

║ Please install them with the following command: ║

║ ║

║ npx playwright install-deps ║

║ ║

║ Alternatively, use apt: ║

║ apt-get install libnss3\ ║

║ libnspr4\ ║

║ libatk1.0-0\ ║

║ libatk-bridge2.0-0\ ║

║ libcups2\ ║

║ libdrm2\ ║

║ libdbus-1-3\ ║

║ libxcb1\ ║

║ libxkbcommon0\ ║

║ libatspi2.0-0\ ║

║ libx11-6\ ║

║ libxcomposite1\ ║

║ libxdamage1\ ║

║ libxext6\ ║

║ libxfixes3\ ║

║ libxrandr2\ ║

║ libgbm1\ ║

║ libpango-1.0-0\ ║

║ libcairo2\ ║

║ libasound2 ║

║ ║

║ ❤️ Playwright Team ║

╚══════════════════════════════════════════════════════╝ Failed
i didn't saw anything related to playwright during build time
is there a way to know if the nixpacks file was taken into account correctly ?
❤️ Playwright Team
how cute
show me the build table at the top of the build logs please
yes pretty cute XD feels heartwarming to see
I believe I missed something while creating the file
no no thats my bad, i made a typo, i have fixed it
recopy into your file
yes it's gonna run now
i see it executing the install-deps script
you talked about merging two nixpacks files together to solve it

what do you have in mind ?

I was planning on just replacing something in the "start" script in package.json, do you have a better solution ?
I do but I'm about to go cut grass, I'll send you the new nixpacks.toml file when I'm back
Okay sure, take your time and thank you for your help, I wouldn't solve this building issue this quickly without you
heres your new nixpacks.toml file
and then you will need to include this Caddyfile in your project too
dont worry about that being a vue template, it uses vite so it should be all the same
Thank you for helping me !

I have a question : why do I need to use caddy as my server instead of using a native standalone node server ?

SvelteKit provide a way of generating that with building :

Do you think using their Node Adapter way of hosting my app would have drawbacks instead of using Caddy ?
well of course you don't need to, but caddy is gonna use sub 20mb of ram where as the node server may use around 60-70mb
do you do any ssr? if so caddy wont work anyway
Oh okay so it's just consuming less RAM

I didn't know about that !

Yes I do use some SSR, Caddy is some sort of static hosting ?

I think 60mb is okay if it's just that, since it's gonna be a RAM intensive app when some tasks are running with Playwright

I also use SvelteKit as my "server" btw, i have routes with SvelteKit, so it may not work at all with Caddy
It's talking about the "static adapter"
yeah wont work for you, forget about the caddy stuff lol
youll want to install the node adapter and then set your start script to node build/index.js
Okay, i'll try with that

I'll notice you if it uses more RAM than expected, but that should do it
sounds good

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