Hey i recently just got railway n found out yt-dl is banned for some reason i just wanted to host my own video downloader well and Yt-dl being banned i cant do it and i got no clue why is banned
It’s banned because it’s used to download videos and for music bots, and those types of apps are not permitted on the service
well i’m not using it for music bot 😭
i’m just using it to download n host videos just in case the get taken down on yt
we get 100 gig of storage right
You get 100GB of storage, but that is container storage, and is ephemeral. And you will lose anything stored there anytime you do a deploy
You can use volumes for persistent storage, but there is a maximum capacity based on your plan.
For storing backup YouTube videos, you would be better off using R2 or S3 for the storage
And if the videos are not yours, you will not be able to use railway and restricted dependencies to download them
well the dude who uploads the videos gives the permission to download so yeah…
Then your best option would be to run this locally and backup to S3 or R2. The dependencies are not allowed due to violation of TOS
prolly gonna go for vps

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