Love Railway but confused on pricing

I’m currently using the free trial of Railway for a service, and I’m loving it. As my free trial for Railway is almost depleted, I’m planning to move over to a paid plan.

However, I find the pricing details kinda confusing.

Here’s some background on the service I’m running on railway: it’s a simple node script that uses 0.0-0.1 vCPU and 200-300 MB of RAM.

I noticed that the hobby plan for railway is “$5/mo + resource usage.” My main concern is the resource usage part: will I be charged over five dollars a month for this service? Is there a way to cap resource spending or even set a fixed amount of RAM and vCPU I can pay for and not be able to go over?

the hobby plan costs 5$ a month minimum, this is a subscription fee, it also comes with 5$ in usage, and the usage you have stated (0.1 vcpu & 300mb ram) this would cost exactly 5$ in usage, this usage would then be covered by the included 5$ of usage in your plan, leaving you to only pay the 5$ subscription fee
Thanks! Out of curiosity, is there a way to cap spending or resource usage? Like in this case I know I’ll only use 300 MB of ram max so is there a way to cap that?
theres not, you do get usage alerts so unless you plan on ignoring your emails, it would be hard to be hit with a large bill
take it from someone who left a multithreaded for loop runaway overnight, fixed it in the morning and it didnt cost much extra at all
Got it thanks
I’ll most likely go with the hobby plan then
sounds good!

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