Pricing/resource question

Here's a silly question, how should I decide on what plan to use for hosting?
I'm pretty dumb at this stuff.

I'll be hosting what should ultimately be the site & service for a small business, plus a redis database. I'm not really sure how I want to estimate usage.

Another dumb question, will the utilized resources scale up based on how busy the service is or do I preset my desired utilization limit?
i.e. during busier times, can the plan ramp up to use more memory/cpu depending on how busy the server is at the time?

not a silly question at all.
usually if you are profiting from something you are hosting on railway the team would prefer you to be on the pro plan as opposed to the hobby plan, the pro plan also gets you direct support from the team where as the hobby plan gets you community support only, this however is not a rule set in stone.

let's say you decide to go with the hobby plan, every service and plugin you make has access to their own 8vcpu and 8gb of ram, and your service or plugin can use as much or as little of those resources as needed (ideally as little lol) at any point in time
One more question: I'm the sole developer for this project, but it's definitely not my credit card going on file.
Is there a way to give access to the bill pay portion without purchasing an additional seat? Or would that need to be managed through an additional account?
I don't know what the team would say about this, but if this person is going to attach a card to the account then I don't think it would be any harm for them to attach the card upgrade to pro and then hand over the account to you
it's not like they will be contributing to the development, which is usually the reason for buying another seat
Got it. Thanks. I'll go with the pro plan and just use the hobby plan for personal stuff.
sounds good! any more questions?
Nope. All good for now

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