Deploy restarted near the end

Just deployed a change (573e8198-6981-45c6-81ae-91d5210afc0c) and it got through the build, then started pushing the container layers, then all of a sudden it started again from the beginning. This has resulted in a 20 minute + build, when its normally around 10 minutes. Seems like a bug.
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Percy11mo ago
Project ID: 573e8198-6981-45c6-81ae-91d5210afc0c
Ian Woodfill
Ian Woodfill11mo ago
Project id: 95c304a2-fe2b-4ad1-bc3f-5296fd26f36c deploy id: 573e8198-6981-45c6-81ae-91d5210afc0c service id: 5b23a332-3951-40d2-8b56-0a08e720809b
Brody11mo ago
have you since tried another build?
Ian Woodfill
Ian Woodfill11mo ago
yeah it went fine, just a a weird transient bug