Medical System To Production

Hello, I am developing a medical system and I want to put it into production using Railway so that end users can start using it. My question is whether Railway allows for this type of system in its services, and if not, what cloud service do you recommend for deploying to production? I hope you can help me. Thank you.
maybe describe your app a bit, but otherwise if it doesn't break railways tos then I can't see why it wouldn't be allowed
The web system is for doctors and patients. It includes an authentication module. The doctor has the option to have medical assistants, as well as managing medical consultations for patients to create medical records, medical prescriptions, determine a diagnosis, and also has a point of sale with electronic billing. Additionally, the doctor has a payment button to subscribe to a plan, and based on the selected plan, they will have different functionalities. On the other hand, the patient can schedule medical consultations based on the services of available doctors, view prescriptions, as well as the history of their medical care, among other functionalities provided by the system.
I don't work for railway, but I think I've been around the team long enough to say there's absolutely nothing wrong with that and the railway team would love to have you on board
I do have to mention that it does not sound like this type of workload would fit into the description of a "hobby" project, in my opinion you would want to be on the pro plan
I understand that I won't have any problems. I was just asking because I had read in one section of the documentation that a medical software couldn't be deployed in production on Railway, so I wasn't sure if I would encounter any issues or not. And in the future, I plan to switch to the Pro plan; it's currently in development, which is why it's on the Hobby plan.
they absolutely can, as long as you are okay with things like no uptime guarantees, etc etc
It's good to know, thank you for your help.
no problem 🙂
Also, there is no HIPPA compliance on the service as far as I am aware, so you would need to make sure you are encrypting your data properly to be HIPPA compliant (if your service will be used in the US)

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