ssh tunneling error

When trying to deploy a django project the following error occurs "raise ValueError('No password or public key available!') ValueError: No password or public key available!". My ssh key doesn't use a password to log in. I am using ssh tunneling in my project to connect to a remote database. I enter data through environment variables. When trying to run the project on a local computer, this error is not present. I think this is a problem in Procfile. If there are any solutions, it would be much appreciated😃. Here is the code: settings.py ssh_tunnel = SSHTunnelForwarder( (os.getenv('SERVER_IP'), int(os.getenv('SSH_PORT'))), ssh_pkey=os.getenv('SSH_PKEY'), ssh_username=os.getenv('SSH_USERNAME'), remote_bind_address=('localhost', int(os.getenv('REMOTE_BIND_ADDRESS'))), ) Procfile web: gunicorn p2p_project.wsgi
have you set all those variables in your service variables?
yes, I set all the variables the same way as on the local computer I don't use dockerfile, could that be the problem?
sorry, no clue, may be best to read the SSHTunnelForwarder's docs
thank you for your reply

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