Renamed user/organization for GitHub - unsafe?

A student organization I work with has a cron job service for our database, and it's linked with our GitHub.
Thing is, we renamed our organization on GitHub, and while GitHub is redirectly and semantically maintaining these links - they will eventually break.
I thought I might bring it up in case Railway wanted to automatically correct projects like this, or add it as a feature to target.
What I'm proposing, essentially, is when a project located at github.com/A/B renames their user/organization from A to C, Railway notices this (however you want to) and moves it to github.com/C/B
For my issue though, is the solution simply pressing that 'X' button, unlinking the repo, and then typing it in again? Are there any side effects I have to watch out for?
might wanna backup your data if you have any

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