Enabled mlock

Hi everyone,

I'm currently creating a template for the hashicorp vault service (https://developer.hashicorp.com/vault)
Here is the source code of the template :

But I got the following error (see the image)

The problem is that mlock is not enabled when the container run.
It can be enabled very easier by add the flag docker run --cap-add=IPC_LOCK when running docker container.

In the documentation, I've see that I can disable the mlock usage (https://developer.hashicorp.com/vault/docs/configuration#disable_mlock) but even if I use the consensus protocol so I need to run 5 containers connected to each others on 5 differents servers...

I've seen that I can overidde start commands (https://docs.railway.app/deploy/deployments#start-command) but it only override the entrypoint parameter

It's a pain point for me because I need this service for my project. And I don't really want to switch to another cloud service because railway is very simple to use.

Do you think Railway will plan or have something in it's roadmap to being able configure this kind of feature provided by docker ?

Have a good day
Or maybe add vault as a global service like postgres, redis, mongo, etc...
It's a king of database
I just see that I can disable it also if the operating system don't swap the memory.

I know that it is Google Cloud under the hood, do you know if your server use the memory swap ?
Hi, I re-up the subject

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