Pin memory usage

IWIan Woodfill9/8/2023
I'm running a service that scales memory usage unpredictably and quickly, and it crashes in these cases. I believe strongly that this is due to Railway's autoscaling not provisioning enough memory quick enough (this is obviously hard when you do it all very suddenly).

I would be happy to pay for the provisioned resources if it were possible, although I worry this isn't available.

Any workarounds?
IWIan Woodfill9/8/2023
how quickly we talking? like 0-3gb instantly?
IWIan Woodfill9/8/2023
and what kind of crash logs do you get?
IWIan Woodfill9/8/2023
IWIan Woodfill9/8/2023
Is there any documentation around how the autoscaling works at an OS level? would be really helpful for understanding how to work with it
is it kubernetes or something under the hood?
afaik it's vertical scaling as in your app is free to use as much or as little resources as possible, there's no adding additional cpus or memory on the fly
I've seen services go from 0mb or 3gb of memory instantaneously without crashing
@rayofbytes am I correct in saying this?
Resources are limited according to plan, so that's your upper ceiling for how much you can use
Barring that, you can use anything within that range, and we only bill for what you actually use
running a service that scales memory usage unpredictably and quickly
Can you share more about this?

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