How to move from Working Localhost w/ Django Websockets to Railway production?

I had a functioning django websocket fantasy draft on my local host using daphne and redis. However, I am having trouble making the websocket actually connect when in railway production. I have updated the ws url to include the active domain used by railway. Initially, I thought it might have been using ws instead of wss, but after updating that I am still have problems with the server giving a 'Not Found' error for trying to connect to my websocket. On looking online I have seen discussion of using Nginx to handle both gunicorn http and daphne ws, however I am not quite sure how to add Nginx to be used .
Is there a resource/doc I should be looking at because what I have seen I havent been able to implement to make it work. Even thought I have made my routing.py url match my url to connect in js for websocket. Please let me know of any feedback, thanks.
Project ID: cd094f89-1131-48fa-8425-7067772de91e
I have properly connect to both remote database and redis server as well.
do http requests work as they should?
Yes they do. I can get on that page with websockets and try to play out the draft but the only updates are on page reload with http.
rule 5...
I'm sorry Brody, I had just woken up and forgotten ping rule. It was not considerate of your time
it's fine, I had 9 pings when I woke up, what was one more lol
have you tested the websocket connection with something like postman or insomnia?

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