Volume creation prevents service from deploying

Hi! I'm trying to add a volume to a project, but when I attach it to the service, it stops being able to deploy. More specifically, it runs the build and publishes the image, but nothing happens after that. The process hangs and eventually times out. There is no error in the logs. I tried different mount points for the volume with no success. When I remove the volume, everything goes back to working as expected.

The project ID is 39ee5d65-e645-4a97-a4bb-eaf45a865aab.
can you try doing this again in a different service?
It worked! I can keep the failed service around if it is useful for debugging purposes
I used the same exact github repo and config variables
yes please do, can you send its projectservice id as well?
yes, it is 39ee5d65-e645-4a97-a4bb-eaf45a865aab
my bad, i said service id in my head and typed project id
haha, no problem, here's the service id: 2939b57d-b2d1-4beb-8130-359bc8892d7c
thanks to you 🙌
haha it's not like I'm going to be doing much, I don't work for railway, I'm just gonna flag the team
when do you think it would be OK for me to delete the service? so I don't waste resources indefinitely
didn't you say the service failed? does that mean it still has an active deployment?
it was still trying to deploy with each new commit to the main branch - my bad, because I could just remove the trigger, which I already did
Thread has been flagged to Railway team by @Brody.
Hm I'm currently digging into a similar issue. Do you have check suites enabled by chance?
Does it work when you redeploy?
Seems like an intermittent network issue on our end

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