Trouble sending emails via SMTP

projectId: bb66f5c0-53f9-4e9f-b11f-5965f5d6ec74
serviceId: b3029692-b78a-4487-bcb0-44e001afecb8

I run a NodeJS Express server and use Nodemailer with SMTP transport (Port 465) to send emails to my users.

Since 8 September, without any deployments/updates on my side, I have been getting timeouts when trying to send emails: ERROR Send Error: Connection timeout
According to the log, the last successful email was sent on 6 September.

With the project running locally, sending e-mails works without any problems.

Could this be a issue with Railway or do I need to ask my registrar (strato.de) who also runs the SMPT server?
if you are confident you have used the credentials correctly, then you should contact your email provider
Thanks for the reply!
I did not change the credentials before the timeouts started. And its working locally with the same credentials. I think something is blocking the communication.

I took the chance to try https://resend.com. It works perfectly.
If I find the time, I'll bug my registrar 🙂

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