rclone on railway to transfer data from one cloud to an other.


I'm creating an app the requires to transfer data from one cloud storage (like onedrive to an other like cloudflare R2). I would like to host my nuxt3 full-stack on railway, but wonder if it's a good idea to run rclone on it (mostly regarding the cost of data transfer).

Things to consider on the top of my head:
- rclone could use ephemeral storage but how much would be available for big file that requires multiparts?
- It could use the new volume storage feature to temporarily store the multipart data but if I store data temporarily, how do I calculate the cost?
- And then, would it be cuper costly to transfer something like 1To of data, and keep it in synch (let's say we transfer 100go of data per month)

I am open to any suggestion, I know I could run my app on railway and run rclone somewhere else, but it's annoying

Thank you
@arnauddsj to answer your questions above, you are charged for egress, so if you are transferring 100GB of files per month, that is what you would be charged for.

As far as using ephemeral storage, depending on your plan, you get 50/100GB of space across all your services and projects, but, if you are in the middle of a data transfer and push code, you will lose anything in the ephemeral storage

When it comes to volumes, you are limited to based on the plan as well, and it is calculated on how much is stored on there. I have not yet tested to see if migratory files on the persistent volume will incur costs, so this is something to consider being costly, especially with egress charges
thanks for your answer!
No problem

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